Arcade Update

I haven’t posted recently (almost 8 months!) but I also haven’t forgotten about this little project-blog, I just haven’t run into any issues worth researching or posting about. In the last eight months I’ve picked up a handful of CPS2 carts (Super Street Fighter II Turbo, Vampire Hunter 2, Vampire Saviour 2, Super Puzzle Fighter 2 and Street Fighter Alpha 3) but they’re all in fine working order, and since I already retrofitted my MVS cab for JAMMA/CPS2 connectors, everything is working fine.

My future projects (in order of importance) are likely going to be:

  1. Replace the batteries in all of my CPS2 carts (all of them have been replaced within the last year, except for VH2 and VS2, which are unknowns)
  2. Replace the buttons and sticks with new ones. The existing buttons are just a little too squishy for me
  3. Replace the side art and touch up the paint on the cabinet

Sadly, #3 probably won’t happen for a very long time–until I have a garage or somewhere outdoors where I can disassemble the cabinet for painting and a retrobrite treatment. As such, there probably won’t be a new post until I either pick one of those projects up, something breaks on my cab and I document my fix or I pick up another cabinet and need to document information on it.

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