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Capcom Kick Harness

The default JAMMA edge connector only supports three buttons. To play any game the uses more than three buttons, you’ll need an additional wire harness colloquially called a “Kick Harness.” Every software company/PCB Manufacturer seems to have their own type of kick harness, but some are interchangeable.

Capcom’s Kick Harnesses come in three varieties. Their CPS1 Kick Harness (used with the first versions of Street Fighter 2) will only fit a CPS1 board.

The CPS 2 and 3 Kick Harnesses are interchangeable and can be used on either board.

Unless you can get a NOS (New-Old Stock) harness or a working official used one, it’s better to create your own using a pin-out diagram. Most of the third-party ones that are currently available range wildly in build quality and just aren’t that desirable.

This is a good reference if you’re going to go about wiring up your own kick harness.

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