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MVS Universal BIOS

This is a quick one, but if you are running an MVS set-up you might know that games are region free. The language a game displays in is almost universally controlled by the region of the BIOS on the MVS motherboard (notable exceptions tend to be mahjong games). This means you can feel free to collect carts from whatever region you want as long as you have the correct BIOS installed.

The Universe BIOS is a bios that you can order custom-made for your motherboard type. After replacing your stock BIOS with this one, it provides you with an enormous array of options via simulated dipswitches (playing arcade vs console versions, setting the BIOS region, etc.). If you happen to have a BIOS of a different region than your native language and want to swap it out to be able to play games in English/Japanese, it’s worth it to just pick up one of these instead. They’ll offer you the functionality to switch the region of the games you play while also giving you much deeper control over the way your cabinet functions.

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CPS2 A+B Board Regions

System16.com is a good reference for what games fall under what board types. Their CPS2 page, in particular, is fantastic because it lists all of the regional breakdowns for the boards.

This is paraphrased from their listing:

CPS2 boards were color coded by region:
Green : Japan
Blue : U.S.A. and Europe
Orange : South America
Grey : Asia
Yellow : All (Rent version)
Black : All in one unit (not common–these boards contain both the “A” and “B” boards together into one unit)

Grey and Orange “B” boards must be used with their respective-colored “A” boards. Green and Blue “B” boards can be paired with either color “A” board. Yellow “B” boards follow the same rules as whatever region they are from, despite having a different shell color.

CPS2 “B” boards show their color via a bright plastic shell over the PCB. CPS2 “A” boards are universally black, but have a small sticker on the front of them that has the name of their region along with that region’s color.

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