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Review: MVS 161-in-1 Multi-cart [UPDATE]

After spending more time with the multi-cart, I’m still very happy with it, but the representation (I don’t feel like “emulation” is a proper word for these games) of some of the MVS games isn’t perfect. Aero Fighters 2, in particular, demonstrated a small amount of slowdown in some of the later levels when there was a lot of on screen action. I’ve heard it said before and I’ll parrot it here, this cart is great for casual enthusiasts or people looking to try a large sample of games to decide which ones they might want to buy legitimate MVS carts of. It’s great to pop in for a party and let your guests play a large selection of games, but it starts to show some blemishes when you sit down by yourself to hammer out some hardcore time with it.

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Review: MVS 161-in-1 Multi-cart

I mentioned this multi-cart in an earlier thread and wanted to go into a little more detail on it this week. It’s available from several sources (some up to $30 cheaper than JammaBoards), but I chose to purchase it from JammaBoards because of the free shipping. Most of the other sites charged a hefty amount to ship it from Hong Kong and when it all came together I wouldn’t end up saving any money.

It measured up to be the same size as my legitimate MVS carts and fit snugly into the original 1-slot board I’m using. It immediately boots into a menu (with some terrible line art of Terry Bogard) listing about 10 games on the screen at a time. You can navigation up/down or skip pages by pressing left/right. The cart comes with a sticker that lists all of the 161 games in order, which is good, because they’re really not organized in any apparent manner. I knew going into this that there would be a lot of hacks and bootleg ROMs on the cart, but I was still surprised. There’s between 53-60 legitimate games with the rest being “hard mode” or other fan-hack variations. I haven’t played many of the hacks to try them out, so I won’t touch on them–I just consider them potential bonuses, since I bought this multi-cart for the legitimate games.

All of the actual games I tried ran perfectly. I compared some of them against my original MVS carts and there was little to no difference between them (with the exception of sound, which I’ll touch on in a minute). Because these games are running via actual MVS hardware they run nearly identical to their dedicated MVS cart counterparts.

The one big flaw I did notice was that some games did not output stereo sound. I had my board set to output stereo, but for these games they would display only out of the right speaker. After switching my board to mono mode the games output correctly out of both speakers, although it was just mono sound. It’s not the end of the world, but it’s something to keep in mind depending on how much accurate sound means to you.

For ~$100, I this ends up being a good purchase to not need to swap carts to play a couple dozen of my favorite MVS games. I’d like to add as a disclaimer that, at the time of this post, I haven’t played through all of the “legitimate” games on the cart and haven’t touched any of the hacks on it.

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